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Personal Representation At Your Hearing

The Social Security Disability Hearing is nothing like what you would see on television. First, these hearings are relatively short, lasting only 15 minutes to an hour. The hearings are not as formal as you might expect and, in fact, they are rather informal. You will usually be advised, by your representative, to dress as you normally would every day. You will not be allowed to wear a hat, tank top, or revealing clothing to the hearing. The hearing is usually held at the hearing office closest to you, but depending on the distance, it may also be held in a hotel conference room. The hearing can also be held via satellite, with the judge also participating via video conference . You will be sworn in along with any witnesses that may be accompanying you. The judge will ask you questions about your past work, your limitations, and how you’re affected in your everyday life. If a vocational expert is present at the hearing, the judge will ask them hypothetical questions about possible jobs someone with your limitations could do. Your representative will argue your case and explain and show the judge the reasons that you are unable to work. The representative will prepare a hearing brief for the judge and submit all records, concerning the case, to the judge. It is very important that you are on time to your hearing. The judges are very busy and will dismiss your case if you are late. You will meet with your representative before the hearing, in a room that is reserved for that purpose. It is very important to be respectful and to speak very plain and direct about your disabilities to the judge. When the hearing is over, the judge will have up to 60 days to make a decision on the case. Usually, a decision is made within 30 days if no further information is needed.


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