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We get asked many times by clients, How much do we charge for our personal injury services? . Unlike some law firms that demand a fee up front or hourly rates and then nickel-and dime you with hidden fees during the course of your case -we never require any money from clients as an initial deposit to retain us. When working with Acadia Law Group there is no risk involved whatsoever because if we don’t win your case you don’t pay!

Fee Structure

At Acadia Law Group, we are committed to providing our clients with the best representation possible. That’s why we only get paid when you do, which means that if your injury claim is not settled satisfactorily then there won’t be any costs for their services on behalf of either party involved in a dispute or lawsuit between two parties.

The right lawyer can mean the difference between settling for less than what you deserve, or getting all of your hard-earned money back. The attorneys at Acadia Law Group are here to fight on behalf of our clients and help them recover from their injuries so they don’t have any financial setback whatsoever!

Litigation Fees

Acadia Law Group ensures that your case will be taken care of, no matter what happens. If the other driver refuses to negotiate in good faith or if there are extenuating circumstances beyond their control they may need an attorney. To offset these costs and complexities, Acadia law may increases its basic contingency fee. There chances you have a trial is slim so don’t worry about it!

You Need a Rockstar Attorney

You deserve an attorney who will put your interests first, and Acadia Law Group is just that. We have the best attorneys in Utah working for us so you can rest assured knowing we are doing everything possible on your behalf! Call 801-816 2525 today or fill out our contact form below – it’s time to stop settling when there has never been anything but success with this law firm before now..

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Our Fee Promise:

No Recovery? You Owe Us Nothing.
No Fees Unless We Win!

Our Utah personal injury lawyers are ready to fight for you.


Our Clients

Our Clients

The service offered at Acadia Law Group was excellent. From the first moment they were in contact with us, when we requested their services they immediately scheduled a meeting in person to treat all the minors for the case and although it was a small case they took it with the same seriousness and responsibility as if it had been a millionaire case. All the time they were available to help and advise us.

Alison King
Real Estate

They are very professional indeed! Unfortunately the people complaining is mainly because of the long process it takes for this firm to handle their claims which has been affected by covid and is not their fault! They have done and do everything in their power, but some things are out of their control. I give them 5 stars! Thank you Karla, Natalie and team!

Leonardo Dicano

Acadia Handled my claim in a very professional manner. They were able to settle my claim hitting the high mark professionally and monetarily. Absolutely recommend them !

Lance Larson

I would NEVER try and accomplish Social Security Disability on my own! I filed the first time and was, of course, DENIED. I honestly believe they deny every single applicant the first time. I found Acadia Law Group through a Google search and liked what I saw. I will honestly say that in the beginning I was a little concerned. I rarely spoke with anyone. But I tell you what – when it came time to go to court my attorney flew in to action! I was amazed! Don’t get me wrong – I was kept up to date and informed throughout the entire process but never met with my attorney.  Don’t ever try and do this on your own! It’s worth every dime handing it over to Acadia and let them take

Debbie W

Acadia Law Group. Is very helpful and attentive to my on going case. Every question I have is answered in a timely manner.

Melamie Grace
Local Guide

So far I have been treated very well and with respect I am kept informed on a regular basis on how things are going. All the ones I have talk to are very polite . At this time I am very satisfied

Jo marie Howell

My personal experience with Acadia is really good, excellent Law Group, thanks Acadia.- Debbie Vega.-


This law firm is interested in helping thier clients get the care they need and the settlement that they deserve. I have been very impressed with Natalie and her ability to make sure the claims process is handled with precision and care. I’m excited to have my clients using them to help with their auto accident and personal injury claim.

Steve Baker
Local Guide

am delighted with the way that I was treated. The professional treatment with the receptionist to Natalie. All of my questions were answered in a timely and courteous way. The way that Natalie Roos actually cared about me. The way the receptionist was very nice. Most of all my case was won,that was fantastic! Thank you Acadia. I will be recommending you to everyone I know. You have my loyalty to the law firm. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate it.

Deborah Esonwune

I was thoroughly impressed with my service at Acadia. After an auto accident left me with injuries, I was referred over to the firm to help me. I worked with Acadia and they were so knowledgeable. Any question I had, they were able to answer. I received excellent care throughout the entire process. Knowledgeable, honest, caring and beyond friendly. Thank you for making my nightmare and worries all disappear!!!

IAmanda Hawkes

I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Acadia Law Group. His professionalism made me feel really supported in my problem. Your attention in my language, a PERFECT Spanish but above all kind in every way. Thank you Linda, Thank you Alejandra, Thank you Natalie, Thank you Acadia Law Group!

Sharon O'daniel

Excellent service offered by Acadia Law Group, thanks to them my case ended in a short time and with fair compensation. They were always on the lookout to answer all my questions … !!! I recommend them 100% … !!!

Graciee Q

For those of you who have never went through the process of a personal injury case it does take some time. I feel Acadia is an amazing firm. I read the reviews and disagree with the bad ones. I was scared at first because some of the reviews. I will be the first to say please give them time to do there job you will be happy in the end. These guys know what they are doing and will make sure and take care of you… I am truly happy with Acadia.. thanks for working so hard!!

Aracelis Mavares


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