Lane Splitting in Utah

What is meant by Lane Splitting?

Lane Splitting or filtering is a term used to describe a traffic rule in which the motorcyclists drive in between the traffic lanes. This practice is way too common in Asia and Europe, but in the United States, it is legal in some states.

According to the new legislation on lane filtering, Utah Highway Patrol claims that:

  • When there is a traffic signal or more than two adjoining traffic lanes crossing the same direction, the motorcyclist can move to the front side of the road at the set speed limit of 45 mph or less.
  • Motorcyclists can only make up to the front of the road when all the automobiles are at a stop due to red lights and,
  • Motorists are prohibited from moving at a speed greater than 15 mph in the motorcycle lane filtering. Motorcycles can only move forward during stopped traffic.

Prior to this new legislation of lane filtering being pen down into law, California was the only other state in the United States that permitted motorcyclists to overtake slower vehicles. This law is identified as “lane filtering” in California. Although, law officials in California claim that the “lane filtering” is something a little different from “Lane Splitting.”

According to the new rule of lane filter in Utah, a motorcyclist is allowed to filter to the front of the road the red signal light stopped vehicles. The condition for this is to maintain the speed within 15 mph or less. To make it short, In Utah, motorcycles can only move forward during the stop sign on the road if any car moves during a red light are still considered an illegal act.

There are still some concerns regarding this new enactment. The new law suggests that moving around vehicles must be done safely. However, it is not compulsory that others will feel the same if one feels safe in something.

The law officials in Utah hoped that the motorcyclists would properly utilize these liberties given under the new law. It is very important to utilize proper thinking and reasons while using this lane filter guide on the road. A motorcyclist has to make sure that there is enough space for a motorcycle in the lanes. If any motorcycle crashes the car while moving forward and knocks off the car’s mirror, then in this case the motorcyclists will be at fault. That is why riders must be careful and responsible while using this maneuver on the roads.

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Where is lane splitting or filtering allowed?

Lane filtering is limited to specific areas where the set speed limit is 45 mph or less and where the multiple lanes move in the same direction.

For instance in Salt Lake County, Foothill Boulevard, State Street, 700 East, and Redwood Road are some of the streets where the lane splitting law holds true. Likewise, Harrison Boulevard, Parrish Lane, Park Lane, Washington Boulevard, Riverdale Road, and Antelope are good examples of streets in Davis/Weber Counties where lane filtering is valid. In Utah, Geneva Road, 800 North (Orem), State Street, and 1600 North (Orem) are the streets where this maneuver is allowed.

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Why was this bill passed?

Initially, the California Officials from the Department of the Public Safety (DPS) were apprehensive about this new legislation, but it ended after the bill discussion by the higher authorities. From the statistics of that time, it was observed that from 2011 to 2017, almost 1200 motorcyclists were rear-ended.

The incident is usually widespread in riders with large motor vehicles, but it only causes cosmetic damage to the vehicle. The owners will take their vehicles to mechanics or body shops. It is not severe at all.

Everyone in the country tries to avoid this mishap, but accidents still happen in some areas. Moreover, when this kind of accident occurs, the motorcyclists are the ones who are likely to get injuries. It is pertinent to make roads and motorways safe for everyone, including walkers, cars, and motorcyclists.

The Public Safety Department has not issued the total crash accidents from 2018. However, from 2017 to September 2018, there were many motorists fatalities in Utah state.

It is not evident that the rear-end collisions only cause injuries; many people witnessed deaths at some point in the accidents. These rear-end collisions mainly occur at the point where two or more roads move in the same direction.

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Controversies Involving Lane Filtering Law

According to the 2014 study of California office traffic security, more than half of the population, almost 60% of riders, did not accept lane splitting. They thought that lane splitting or filtering was not safe for everyone. Many motorcyclists and car drivers think that lane filtering is illegal in California and Utah. The drivers’ conflict regarding the new constitution of lane splitting led to anger incidents.

On the contrary, lane splitting decreases motorcyclists’ obstruction and overcrowding in a small space. Those who believe that rear-end accidents decrease due to lane filters argue that it is very beneficial for motorcycles rider. It prevents the injuries and sudden deaths of motorcycle riders. The National Motorway Traffic Safety Department explains that in Asia and Europe, there are many countries in which lane splitting is practiced. It offers beneficial effects not only for motorcycles but also for other automobiles. It decreases traffic congestion.

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Hire An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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  • A loss of any body part that affects the quality of life.
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