How to File a Dog Bite Claim in Utah

It is a known fact that quite some individuals, in one way or the other, have suffered or suffering from a dog bite, including “You” reading this or a loved one. As it is known to be man’s best friend in some cases, a dog turns around, leaving a scare behind. Over 4.5 million yearly dog bite cases (American Veterinary Association). Additionally, most of these bites involve children and older people in our community. However, many of these incidents get litigated in court over a dog bite lawsuit.

If someone else’s dog bites you, the law gives you the privilege to seek compensation through the legal documentation, even without an attorney. You only need to file a law claim with the dog owner’s information. I will be showing you how to file a dog bite claim.

However, you must have foresight into Legal issues around dog bites and the types of damages you can file;

  • Special Damages: Expenses related to your dog bite claim are known as “hard costs.” These include health bills, earnings, and other expenses. Bills, statements, and receipts are examples of actual costs that may be measured.
  • General Damages: Suffering” is another term for this experience. There are no certain assessments regarding pain, suffering, and other trauma caused by a dog bite.

The Procedure Follow when Filing a Dog Bite Claim

  • After obtaining medical assistance for the dog bite victim, whether it is yourself or a loved one, the first thing you need to do is acquire the dog’s and its owner’s identities. Make a list of people’s names, addresses, and other relevant data.
  • Second, take pictures of your injuries. In the event of a dog bite case, this can demonstrate the severity of the injuries you sustained and how dangerous the dog is.
  • The next step is to report the dog bite to the authorities. This document serves as a record of your case and proves the prosecution right.
  • Once you’ve documented the incident, do some digging to see whether the dog has been in any other mishaps. You can use written documents to determine if the dog has previously been violent, or involved in another attack.
  • Keep track of all medical treatments and costs. Keep track of the adverse effects of the incident on your life, such as bodily and emotional discomfort, lost wages, etc.
  • Finally, make an appointment with a lawyer and supply them with all pertinent information. As a result, Acadia Law Group will be able to pursue compensation in filing a dog bite claim.

However, getting an attorney might be expensive, and the process might be quite long. I bet you don’t know that you can negotiate a dog Bite injury claim with final small assistance from a Personal injury Attorney. This is just for you;

Angry Shepherd dog showing its canines

How to Negotiate a Dog Bite Claim Exclusive of an Attorney

  1. Ensure to Sort for Medical Attention
  2. Relate the Dog Bite Claim to Local Authorities
  3. Make Enquiry About the Dog Owner
  4. Examine the Dog Bite Laws in Your Locality
  5. Collect Proof for Your Dog Bite Report
  6. Point out Your Claim’s Value
  7. Observe Your Word to the Adjuster
  8. Point up That You Did Nothing Wrong
  9. Don’t Take It to Mind
  10. Get the Legal Assistance Needed

1. Ensure to Sort for Medical Attention

After a dog attack, immediate medical treatment is critical to your health and insurance claim. You should seek medical attention to get treated at the site if someone has called for help. Take them to the clinic if they want you to. Urgent care centers or your regular care physician should be your first port of call if you cannot be taken to the hospital emergency department right away. Even minor bites from dogs and hurts can result in extreme cases without immediate treatment.

hang being bandaged by nurse

2. Relate the Dog Bite Claim to Local Authorities

Dog bites must be reported by medical professionals in the majority of states. In any event, call your local animal control agency and let them know about the dog assault. Contact will be made by an animal control officer from the animal control agency in your locality with the dog’s owner to verify rabies vaccination status and other health issues.

Obligations of an Animal Control Officer;

  • Get a rabies test done on the dog.
  • Cite the owner of the dog.
  • Requirement for the dog’s owner to restrain or snout the pet
  • Relocate the dog to a different location where he may be observed.

3. Make Enquiry About the Dog Owner

You’ll need the dog owner’s name, address, phone number, and the financial company. If the dog owner lives in a rental, collect the landlord’s information. Contact the animal control officer to confirm the dog’s history and obtain a detailed report. Ask if there have been any other filed objections about the dog or its owner.

German shepherd out in the snow carrying something on its muzzle

4. Examine the Dog Bite Laws in Your Locality

As stated under the Legal Issues section, You need to check out the type of Dog bite legislation in operation in your locality. You can adopt this law to support your dog bite report.

5. Collect Proof for Your Dog Bite Report

Establishing the dog owner’s negligence, valid claim, and the extent of your injuries can help you build a strong case for a dog bite lawsuit. Forms of evidence include;

Visual and Audio-visual

This can be proof of dog rearer neglect by documenting the dog going unsecured, spaces in the dog owner’s fence, or any other sign of improper restraint.

Eye-witness Opinion

Obtain Eye-witness Opinions from Individuals who witnessed the dog on a rampage and the people who came to your aid.

Medical expenses

If you have any out-of-pocket medical expenses from the county’s health department, including bandages or drugs, keep receipts for them.

Lost wages

Request a lost earnings statement from your company, which will explain the time you missed and your timely rate.

Material evidence

Authorities strongly suggest you keep vital things such as thorn clothing till your filed claim is resolved.

6. Point out Your Claim’s Value

Following your medical treatment, you’ll be able to estimate the worth of your wound claim. Gather all of your hospital bills, evidence of payment, and an affirmation from your manager stating that you have lost earnings due to your injury.

Even though your health coverage has covered part of the expenses that haven’t been completed, always consider the actual prices of your hospital and pharmaceutical bills in your estimates.

Nurse putting stiches on injured hand due to dog bite injury

7. Observe Your Word to the Adjuster

Considering several dog bite incidents, a claim is typically made against the dog owner’s Policy for Insurance. An agent from the Insurance company, known as “Claims Adjusters,” will make a phone call to your contact after you file a claim. Speak with your insurance adjuster in the same manner as any other business professional. Make the adjuster believe you are serious.

8. Point up That You Were Not Faulty

Inform the adjuster that fell victim to a terrible attack that was entirely your fault. Explain where and what was happening at the time of the incidence. Let’s say for example, that the dog attacked you when you were packing leaves in your garden; you were on a general walking path or biking in the street.

9. Don’t Take It to Mind

Regardless of how horrific your dog-bite event was for you, don’t be certain of the adjuster to show genuine empathy. In their mind, you’re just another case in a stack. As a result, don’t take it to mind if the agent constructs an absurdly meagre settlement offer solely to see how the case will go.

10. Get the Legal Assistance Needed

Certainly, a private attorney could help you collect compensation even if you didn’t speak to one soon after a dog attack. Authorities strongly suggest that if arbitration is delayed, watch out for the hindrance and the licit limit for revolving your injury claim. You can talk to an attorney at any time.

Your entitlement to compensation is lost if the holding period on a dog bite lawsuit passes before the case is resolved. Within minutes, the financial company could pay you a fair settlement if you have a lawyer on your side.

In most cases, the initial consultation is free, and there is no commitment to proceed. You can find out how a qualified injury lawyer can help you without charges.

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Legal Issues Around Dog Bite Claim

Owners of dogs who bite or injure others, including humans and other dogs, may be held accountable in civil court. Aside from these measures, the government can take action against dogs deemed hazardous by an attorney. If a dog attacks another person, the dog’s owner may face criminal charges. The homeowner’s policy usually covers dog bites that occur on the insured property.

Almost every state recognizes that dog owners may be held accountable for the actions of their pets. The rules vary by state when a dog owner can be held accountable for a bite. Generally speaking, there are three basic types of models for calculating dog bite liability;

Common law: A dog owner who knows or believes that their dog is dangerous may be held liable for any injuries the dog causes. Suppose there are no presentations to tender to a dog bite lawyer that a dog is particularly harmful to others. In that case, the rearer of the dog cannot be held accountable for the first bite injury produced by the dog in many common law jurisdictions.

Strict liability: Strict liability states hold dog owners responsible for injuries their animal causes, regardless of the circumstances. When a dog bite victim seeks compensation, they may have to prove that they were acting peacefully and legally when they were bitten.Β 

Mixed law: The common law is the basis of many states’ statutes, but they add extra factors that must be demonstrated for a dog bite injury to prevail in a claim or give defenses that are not available in common law to those injured by their pets.

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Why It’s Important to File a Dog Bite Report

In many cases, dog bite victims may not want to file a dog bite report because they are friends with the dog’s owner, do not want any problems with the owner, or do not want anything to happen to the dog. Although there are other highly essential reasons why authorities highly advise victims to report these crimes, the following are the most significant:

Making a dog bite report provides to a dog bite lawyer requires legal paperwork, which is vital if you need to file an insurance claim or sue the dog’s owner for compensation. In addition, filing a dog bite complaint will allow you to obtain specific data, such as the dog’s medical history and vaccination records.Β 

This will aid in preventing other individuals from being attacked by the same animal in the future. Because the authorities have previously been informed of the previous incident, dog owners will make an extra effort to ensure that their dog does not victimize anyone else. Finally, animal control authorities assist in the protection of dogs who have been abused or neglected, and as a result, this can be beneficial to the dog’s life.

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