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How Does Tax Debt Relief Work? 8 Ways an Attorney Can Help Settle Your Tax Debt

Are you interested or worried about paying tax debt? There are options to help manage or even reduce the amount you owe. Consider the following reasons why hiring a tax attorney can help you find tax debt relief. 8 Ways an Attorney Can Help with Tax Debt Relief Negotiate an Installment or Payment Agreement Make [...]


What is an Underpayment Penalty? How Can I Avoid It?

The tax system in the United States can be very complex. Taxes are usually due when income is earned, but these taxes are not always taken out of your earnings automatically. In some cases, you may be required to pay estimated tax on a quarterly basis. An underpayment penalty may be issued by the IRS [...]


What is a Tax Levy? What to Do If There’s a Tax Levy Against You

Let’s face it, the last government agency we want to hear from is the IRS. We work, pay our taxes, file our returns, and hope that’s the end of it. Sometimes we get into financial difficulties and are not able to pay the full amount of the taxes we owe. That’s when the letters from [...]


How to Catch Up When You’ve Fallen Behind on Your Taxes

Delinquent tax debt won’t simply go away. At some point, the IRS will act, and you could face serious financial and legal problems, including asset seizures, wage garnishments and even criminal prosecution. But no matter how far behind you are, you can improve your situation by taking action now. The tax debt relief legal process... [...]