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Top 8 Causes of Distracted Driving (and Tips for Staying Focused)

Distracted driving is a serious issue in the United States. Each day, approximately nine people are killed in fatal crashes involving distracted drivers. More than 1,000 people are injured daily in crashes involving driver inattentiveness. Top 8 causes of distracted driving are: Texting and Driving Using Electronic Devices Eating While Driving Taking Care of Children [...]


Who is Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere. A slip and fall injury can lead to disabilities and life-threatening emergencies. In some cases, trips and stumbles are unavoidable accidents. However, some slip and fall injuries are the result of negligence. Successful slip and fall claims must include evidence of certain conditions to determine fault in a [...]


What Should I Do if I Suffer a Dog Bite?

Dogs can bring an incredible amount of joy into a person’s life. For some, a canine is a family pet, for others, dogs are akin to children. Unfortunately, dogs and puppies can occasionally behave out of character and unexpectedly bite someone. It is helpful to be prepared and knowledgeable about what to do during those [...]


Motorcycle Accidents: Safety and Prevention Tips for Motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most enjoyable things you do. It takes skill, knowledge, and an acute sense of awareness. Like other things worth doing, riding a motorcycle can be rewarding, but it can also be one of the most dangerous things you do. To ensure you’re being as safe as possible, [...]


The Ultimate Guide to Personal Injury Claims: FAQs and Filing Tips for Those Who Have Been Injured in an Accident

Personal Injury in a legal sense is when someone hurts someone else. The “someone” doing the hurting can be an individual person, or they can be a company. The person being hurt can be hurt physically, or in other ways, such as their reputation might be hurt. Either way, the bottom line is that harm [...]