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14 Frequently Asked Questions About the IRS Payment Plan Program

Finding out you owe the government money on taxes can be daunting. This debt can grow quickly, and the IRS has the power to seize your assets. Before your tax problems get to this point, you have options to reach an agreement with the IRS on how to pay the debt. 14 Frequently Asked Questions about the IRS Payment Plan Program How Do I Set Up a Payment [...]

How to File a Car Accident Insurance Claim In Utah

When you are involved in an auto accident, you may experience a variety of damages. An accident victim may sustain bodily injury and incur out-of-pocket expenses for property damage, medical expenses, lost income, and other losses. Follow these steps to ensure your insurance claim is filed properly. 6 Steps for Filing a Utah Automobile Insurance Claim After an Accident Seek Medical Treatment for Bodily Injury Notify Your Insurance [...]

Finding the Right Auto Body Shop After a Car Accident in Utah

Being involved in a car accident in Utah is frustrating and stressful. Even if you do not sustain serious injuries, you must deal with the challenge of locating an auto body shop to perform auto collision repair. However, the process does not need to be difficult. Below are six tips for finding the right auto body shop after a car accident. 6 Tips for Finding the Right Auto [...]