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6 Things to Do If You Experience a Whiplash Injury After a Car Accident

A whiplash neck injury is common in car accidents because the impact of the collision can cause the head to whip forward and backward violently. The whipping motion causes damage to the nerves, ligaments, and neck muscles. It's important to understand the steps you should take after a whiplash injury to protect your health and to prevent further injury, which could result in long-term disability and complications. 6 [...]

Failure to File Penalty: What Happens if I Don’t File My Taxes?

If you don't file your taxes on time, you'll end up facing consequences. The IRS will charge penalties and interest for not filing or paying taxes when due. Your personal assets and bank accounts may also be seized to pay past due taxes. It's important to understand what happens if you receive a failure to file penalty. 12 Facts About the IRS Failure to File Penalty Penalties and [...]

Is Social Security Disability Taxable?

Social Security benefits are offered to support individuals who may become disabled or need additional income support. How these benefits are taxed can be complicated and involve several government agencies. Here are some frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability benefits and taxes. Is Social Security Disability Taxable? 10 FAQs Regarding Benefits and Taxes What are SSDI and SSI? How do I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits? [...]