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Who is Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere. A slip and fall injury can lead to disabilities and life-threatening emergencies. In some cases, trips and stumbles are unavoidable accidents. However, some slip and fall injuries are the result of negligence. Successful slip and fall claims must include evidence of certain conditions to determine fault in a premises liability claim. Factors to Consider When Determining Liability in a Slip and [...]

What Should I Do if I Suffer a Dog Bite?

Dogs can bring an incredible amount of joy into a person’s life. For some, a canine is a family pet, for others, dogs are akin to children. Unfortunately, dogs and puppies can occasionally behave out of character and unexpectedly bite someone. It is helpful to be prepared and knowledgeable about what to do during those stressful moments-- not only for your sake but for the sake of the [...]

SSDI Eligibility | Can I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social Security Disability Insurance is meant to help individuals when they’re unable to work because of a medical condition. The Social Security Administration can help with disability benefit payments, health insurance, and even job retraining. In this article, we’ll talk about Social Security Disability Insurance and eligibility criteria. SSDI Eligibility Requirements Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance SSA Disability Definition and Requirements Can Mental Illness Be Disabling? Frequently [...]