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We have an established reputation of delivering first class service to our clients across the united states for over 20 years. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to ensuring that your case, your claim, and your story are told in the most effective manner possible.


Too many law firms treat their clients as numbers and statistics, and simply move them through the interview and information gathering process in a cursory manner to enable mass processing of claims for the sake of “efficiency” and increased profitability.

We reject this approach and have built our firm and our reputation on patient understanding of the specific situation for each client and how we can best provide a solution to their problem. This takes time, and means we don’t take on as many cases per employee as do these larger firms, and it also means that we don’t generate short-term profits at your expense – just to get you through a revolving door.

Because we receive a significant number of our clients based on referrals from former clients, we know our customer-centered approach is working – for your benefit and success.


All of us have personal experience – either directly or through a friend or family member – with the life altering changes that result from a medical disability, an accidental injury, or becoming overwhelmed with tax obligations. We know what it’s like to deal with the frustration, the confusion, and the fear of not knowing how or where to start when trying to address these issues.

We want you to succeed and are here to help you take those first critical steps. We take great personal pride and satisfaction in helping thousands of people just like you take back control of your life again. Our client reviews and testimonials are a testament of our commitment to you and your personal well-being. This is who we are.


We want to hear from you – what were the factors you considered important in your situation? What effects have the circumstances giving rise to your claim or case had on you, your family, and your quality of life?

These are issues of great importance to you, as well as to your claim or case, and we take the time to listen and ensure we can tell your story to others and give your case the greatest possible chance of success.